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The laundry loser

Posted by on März 8, 2011 at 2:57 pm in Uncategorized

Silly little boner boy, no I will not give you the fucking keys to your chastity belt! What do you think?! You will be kept like that, useful and needy! Oh it seems that I need to fuck your brain a bit to make you calm down. Look at my ass, my sexy hot ass. And wouldn’t you love to lick my heels like you already did so often? Come on honey you don’t want a change, am I right? You are happy with that device and me as your owner! Right? NOW THAN GET BACK TO WORK YOU PATHETIC IDIOT, CLEAN THE LAUNDRY, LICK THE TOILET CLEAN AND PREPARE MY LUNCH YOU STUPID LITTLE FUCK, AND IF YOU ASK ME AGAIN FOR RELEASE I WILL HAVE TRANSFORMED YOU INTO A WIFE!!!

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