Tease and Denial

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Scarlett Johansson will kill your orgasms

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Mistress Scarlett Johansson will make an end to your orgasms. She will put you into chastity if you agree or not. She will simply force you – let her explain how.

Tease and denial with Mistress Salma

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Salma is the woman who already proposed one guy to become her slave dog and made another one drink champagner from her feet! She is a real mistress and in this clip she talks about chastity and forced orgasm denial.

Samantha Ryan denies you

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This busty blonde girl is called Samantha Ryan. She’s a nightmare for any locked up guy who is not able to cum. Look at her beautiful face and her perfect body. She loves teasing little losers like you – but she will never date one of you guys! You are just good enough to be raped and abused for long shopping tours.

Not allowed to cum

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Keep staring at my shoes and ass sissy loser boy. I know that you love my ass and feet. Do you like that? Do you like the view? You are so pathetic but as long as you are kept in chastity and as long as you pay good, you are allowed to look at my hot body like that…

The chastity belt

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The chastity belt is some kind of remote for the Mistress. Slaves are controlled by their desires or to say it different they are victims of their cocks. Some slaves are very interested in worshipping their Mistress and doing anything she wants or demands, and other slaves just do so if they are teased. After having an orgasm the world looks often very different and paid tributes make the slave feel bad. To avoid stress like that, the Mistresses often use chastity belts. Knowing that the slaves are acting much better when they are horny, they force them to stay that way! The interesting part ist that the slaves also want to be kept in chastity even if that means an end to their orgasms. When the cage is locked up, there is no way to cum anymore. The slaves are just puppets from that point then.