Tease and Denial

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Tease and Denial because of your small penis

Sexy Anna is a really hot girl and she loves to fuck with sexy boys!

What she dont like boys with a small penis – and you are one of these small penis boys!

Tease and Denial with Mistress Anna


Theres no pussy for you

Do you have a small penis? So Bratty Jamie is so sorry – but she told you that theres no pussy for you.

You can just worship girls like her – but you never can fuck!

Bratty Jamie – Tease

1 week tease and denial

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Tease and Denial with Lizz la Reign

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Tease and Denial Chastity

Now your are locked in chastity.

Mistress Kitty Devine rules about your little cock from now on!

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Posted by on Dezember 6, 2010 at 9:08 am in Forums

Links to forums:
This Site looks like a Social Network for orgasm-denied users, as the name already promises. There are many members and the site is still growing. The right choice for anyone who would like to get some like-minded people.

This big boards has more then 15835 users and its still growing. People are discussing and talking about anything that deals with tease and denial – a very great board for the experienced tease-and-denial fan.

How deep can you sink?

You are such a little weak perverted piggy that you would even lick the sweaty foot of a stripper girl who actually has worn her plateau shoes about 3 hours as she dances on tables to show off her sexy tits to real guys? Yes you would – and there’s no doubt about it! And you even would pay for that privileg – which makes you much more disgusting. Look at this red head laughing about you, and teasing the hell out of you until you are willing to give anything she wants and in return you are not even allowed to touch her feet – she just shows them off!

No licking, no stinky foot sweat – not one touch – and not a single touch on your own. You have to stay with this, paying and forced to look at her soft sexy soles. And after all your money is gone, she slips back into her shoes and doesn’t notices you little existence anymore…

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Lisa Jordan seduces and destroys you

Isn’t she wonderful? Her perfect sexy body, her hot curves, her sexy busty ass and her tight tits. Look at her lips and her dreamlike long dark hairs and tell me that this girl isn’t perfect!!! Its definitely some kind of mission impossible to resist her while she moves her body in slow motion with hypnotical effect right in front of you in this high resolutiuon video clip.

Don’t try to fight that feeling anymore, get on your weak knees and submit to this absolute superior alpha-mistress. We both know that you will end as her personal footrest sooner or later – so why don’t we take sooner :)…

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Tease and Denial

Posted by on Oktober 26, 2010 at 10:52 am in Tease and Denial

Its always some kind of cruel superiority if a girl or a sexy woman uses her (mostly) visual amenities to tease one guy. In fact the teasing person knows about how she effects on him and she enjoys to continue whatever she does to make that poor guy get weak and weaker until – well mostly until they are boiling and ready for those girls to be used or abused because those horny creatures cannot grab one clear mind anymore and are totally focusing their superior’s body and movements.

Its also comparably with hypnotism (hypnotitizement). And what would a dominant girl do if she knows that someone is totally under control, addicted and not able to think clearly? I think most of them would make him perform as they want. Maybe they make him wear sissy panties or they simply make him hand over his credit card details – but one thing is sure: The guys aren’t allowed to cum, which is the dangerous and cruel part of the story. Trapped with those exhilarating minds and thoughts about her right in front of him, something he would never get, he is totally under her control and not able to escape. This technique often works more powerful than
having one slave trapped or bondaged in a cage – nobody can escape his (or hers) minds.